TKP4 2021 200hNew Date: Trai Khai Pha IV * July 4 -10, 2021

Scheduled for June 28 – July 4, 2020 has been officially cancelled

"Trai Khai Pha IV" UPDATES (3) - Cancellaltion

May 9, 2020

Dear Leaders, Scouts, and Parents,

It is with deepest regrets that we must inform all participants that Trại Khai Phá 4 has been officially cancelled. Our staff and countless committee members have been working vigorously for over a year and a half to organize this camp. Crews across the nation have dedicated their time to training and preparing for this camp. As everyone is well aware, the current Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating effects within our communities has made the decision to cancel camp necessary for the safety of all participants and staff. However, the spirit of Trại Khai Phá 4 will continue and we will announce any development of future plans. On behalf of the key staff, we extend our deepest appreciation for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

Yours in Scouting,

Nguyễn Minh Trí
Camp Chief Trại Khai Phá 4

"Trai Khai Pha IV" UPDATES (2)

March 30, 2020

This communication serves as an update for participants, parents and leaders attending Trai Khai Pha 4 scheduled for June 28 – July 4, 2020 at Camp Whitsett. ..

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"Trai Khai Pha IV" UPDATES

March 14, 2020

As always, your safety and the safety of all our members, volunteers, and employees is our top priority. We know there are questions and concerns about how COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, could affect the upcoming Venturing Super camp “Trai Kha Pha 4” to be held at Camp Whitsett...

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TRẠI KHAI PHÁ IV - Leaders Guide

November 26, 2019

Dear Crew Advisor,

We are very excited to welcome your Crew to Trai Khai Pha 4 (TKP4), the National Vietnamese Venturing Supercamp at Camp Whitsett in Kernville, California from June 28th to July 4th, 2020. This will be a wonderful opportunity to attend a weeklong summer camp with Venturing Crews from across the country and a chance to learn more about what the Venturing program can offer. We are already in the works of creating a program that is challenging, enriching, and will create memories of a lifetime for our Crews and leaders....

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TRẠI KHAI PHÁ IV - Camp Chief named

Jonathan Tri Minh Nguyen, Lien Doan Lac Viet, Houston, Texas

 Jonathan Tri Minh Nguyen began his Scouting career at the early age of seven in 1998 with Pack 999 in Houston, Texas. He continued to grow within Lien Doan Lac Viet and ultimately earned his Eagle Scout rank on July 6, 2009. After graduating from Baylor University, he returned to Troop 999 and served as an assistant Scoutmaster from 2013-2014. During this time, he observed his troop becoming stagnant in growth and development, and that compelled him to act. 

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