Troop 1819 Pre Jamboree Camp Reflection

Camp was a very fun and great experience for me. There were many scouts, with some familiar faces and some strangers. But, we connected and got along with each other very well. We are a special group because we are Vietnamese and should be proud of our culture and heritage.

-Douglas Tran

Camp was an overall fun experience. I did not expect all the scouts to click with each other in the group so easily, especially within the short amount of time. I’m excited to attend jamboree in the near future. We will be a one-of-a-kind group at National Jamboree so we should be proud of our heritage. Sharing our culture and traditions is vital to making new friends at D.C.

- Khoi Le

This camp was a pretty good experience for me. I met some new people and had some fun. I think it was a pretty good experience and idea to go to this camp. I think when we get to Virginia, we’ll make a lot of friends and we’ll be able to share our culture.

-Sky Nguyen

This camp was actually pretty fun. I was expecting it to be really boring but it was actually really informing. I think I’m really prepared to go to Jamboree. As for being Vietnamese American, I think following culture and your parents are what all culturized Vietnamese do.

-Alex Nguyen

I think that camp was fun. It taught us how to be responsible, how to be clean, and how to prepare for the Jamboree. I think it’s a great experience to meet new people. I think to be Vietnamese, is special. We are the only kind of troop to be going to the Jamboree. I think it will be great to share our heritage.

-Yanni Quach

After my experience with camping, I learned that you should always clean up after yourselves if you’re the one who made the mass, you have to participate in all the activities no matter what the situation, you have to have a positive attitude toward everyone and everything around you, and that you should never leave a fellow scout member behind or alone. I shall always represent my culture and show others how great it is to be a Vietnamese American. I will prove to them how great it is to be a Vietnamese American.

-Aaron Truong

Camp was not only a great learning experience to prepare us for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree, but also gave the scouts a chance to see their new patrol. We learned about the activities, food, program, and schedule of the camp. It was great to learn all of that information at camp rather than via email. Our new troop is pretty sociable; most got to know each other in a day. Our new patrol also had a chance to work with one another in order to complete given tasks. The pre-camp was a great way to ensure that the Vietnamese Scouts will pioneer Vietnamese Scouting across America. As for my Vietnamese culture and heritage, I am extremely proud of it. I am happy to live in a community with such a strong Vietnamese population. Our parents gave so much to us so that we may be Vietnamese Americans. I may not be the most fluent in Vietnamese, but I love my motherland as well as our family’s new home. I’m glad our troop will represent Vietnamese Scouting.

-Timothy Nguyen

The camp was good and very informing but we were behind schedule most of the time. I got to know a lot more people and bonded with my patrol. Every country has its culture, so what makes me Vietnamese is our unique culture and how we treat our troop as a family.

-Anthony Dao

I thought this pre camp session was very informative and it helped provide a strong foundation for what is to come in July. The camp is run pretty smoothly and all the scouts have formed a brotherhood in only a day. I’m proud to say that I’m Vietnamese and I know we will represent Huong Dao Viet Nam

-Thomas Nguyen

I think this camp was really helpful. At first glance, I thought it would be a waste of time, but after just a day, I bonded closer with some old and new friends. Also, because we were put together in patrols, we got a hands-on experience on what the 100 year Anniversary Jamboree would be like. For me, being Vietnamese is extremely essential to my pride and character. It is what makes me who I am today. Being Vietnamese means the world to me cause of who we are and what we do. Everything we do is unique, from our clothes to our food, everything we do is beautiful and unique. For this reason and many more, I am proud to say that I am Vietnamese American.

-John Nguyen

I thought that this camp was really fun and helpful. In the beginning, I thought it would be boring and dull, but over time, I started talking to everyone and making new friends. If one day of the Jamboree was going to be like this, then I am sure the rest of the camp in the real Jamboree will be really fun. In my opinion, Vietnamese is a great ethnicity, and I am proud to be in it. It is who I am, and no one and nothing will ever change it.

-Kyle Le

I thought this camp was fun and entertaining. I love to be a Vietnamese American.

-Vincent Tran

Camp was a great learning experience to me. I made many new friends and had a great time. I thought it would be boring but it was actually fun. I’m excited to go to the Jamboree with these guys!

-Thaison Pham

This pre-camp was better than it turned out to be. The leaders helped us a lot to prepare for the real thing. It was easy to make friends with other people. This camp has taught us to work together and be friendly.

-Alex Nguyen

This pre-Jamboree was a very good experience. They taught me a lot about how high, or rather impacted events of Jamboree is. To me, to be a Vietnamese is to appreciate your own race.

-Matthew Nguyen

This pre-Jamboree has been short yet very good so far. I have gotten to know my other patrol members and gotten used to the system of being in a patrol. I myself am proud to be Viet because I honor my culture, follow traditions, and my family. To be Viet is to stand out of all others and to help with no expected gain and in turn help other Viets do the same. That is what being a Vietnamese Scout means.

-Andrew T

I had a pretty fun time at camp because of meeting new people since I was from So-Cal and the majority is from the North. Egyptian War and Thirteen all time at camp. The funniest moment was when two crane flies invaded the tent and everyone was screaming. One of the flies was beast and hella scary. To be a Vietnamese Scout, one must follow Viet culture by obeying your elders and respecting your elders.

-Patrick Nguyen

I thought that camp was fun, and the food was good. The campfire skits were funny. However, I think that we should have not mixed up our patrol boxes. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.

-Alrian Nguyen

This camp was an amazing experience. It taught us as a troop on what we need to do.

-Darryl Vo

The pre-camp was fun. I met new people and got to make people laugh by being an emcee. The camp also had good food, and great leaders. Our Vietnamese culture is diverse compared to American culture. I think that being a part of a Vietnamese Scouting Troop teaches you how to be more like family than just friends.

-Kevin Quach