Trại Họp Bạn Bình Tâm 2021 Camp Chief named

Alina Lee Santiago, Lien Doan Chi Linh, Orange County Council, California

Alina Lee Santiago has been involved in the Scouting movement from youth to adult leader for over 25 years. She has earned the GSUSA Gold Scout Award, the Unit Leader Award of Merit for Venturing and the Silver Beaver Award. She currently serves as a Venturing Crew Associate Advisor to Crew 299 and Lien Doan Pho for LD Chi Linh, as well as a member of the BSA National Vietnamese Scouting Committee...

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WHAT: The Boy Scouts of America, National Vietnamese Scouting Committee is pleased to announce “Trại Họp Bạn Bình Tâm” (Vietnamese Scouting Jamboree, BSA 2021). This jamboree will include Cub Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Venturing Crews, Leaders, Parents and Guests...

Trại Họp Bạn Bình Tâm
Vietnamese Scouting Jamboree, BSA 2021

Hội Hướng Đạo Hoa Kỳ, Ủy ban Hướng Đạo Quốc gia Người Việt hân hạnh thông báo về Trại Họp Ban Quốc Gia Hướng Đạo Người Việt “Trại Họp Bạn Bình Tâm”, BSA 2021.


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